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Holidays for the Disabled Founder Paul Fogerty Tells His Story at Disability Today

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Updated 3:45 AM CDT, Tue, June 23,2015

Fascinating history that led to founding of one of world's most successful niche travel agencies makes interesting reading for all, Holidays for the Disabled reports

Telford, West Midlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2015 -- Holidays for the Disabled founder Paul Fogerty was recently featured at Disability Today, one of the leading online sources of news and perspectives concerning disabled people. At the Disability Today website, Fogerty recounts his personal story, describing how his determination to become a self-sufficient provider for his family eventually led to the founding and growth of Holidays for the Disabled, now one of the world's leading travel agencies of its kind. Thanks to Fogerty's careful attention and personal experience, Holidays for the Disabled allows disabled people and those with limited mobility to confidently book rewarding holidays to any of a wide range of the world's top destinations.

"One of the great things about this line of work is connecting with other people who have similar stories and experiences," Holidays for the Disabled founder Paul Fogerty said, "It was therefore a great pleasure to be able to detail my own background at Disability Today. I hope readers will enjoy reading about the path that eventually led me to establish Holidays for the Disabled and maybe even benefit from what I learned along the way."

Born with a genetic disease known as phocomelia, Fogerty has no arms and one leg, making use of an artificial leg for mobility and writing with his mouth. That situation made him an obvious candidate for state-provided disability support in the United Kingdom, but Fogerty was determined to find a path to self-sufficiency and to provide for his family through his own efforts.

After a journey that included everything from a stint as an apartment letter to periods as a hard-working eBay retailer and as a website design specialist, Fogerty opened a travel agency just before the last worldwide recession. Competing against both the worsening economic conditions and established, large-scale agencies like Thomson Cook, Fogerty at first struggled in his new line of work.

A fruitful suggestion from a family member, though, helped to turn things around. Before long, Fogerty's new agency brand "Holidays for the Disabled" was gaining steam, offering up a specialized service that leveraged the founder's own experiences as a disabled person.

Today, just a few short years later, Holidays for the Disabled is one of the most successful and highly regarded travel agencies focusing on disabled persons and those with limited mobility. Always paying close attention to the agency's motto of "Affordable, Accessible, Enjoyable," Fogerty has built up a unique business that resonates with countless people around the world.

That means always picking out accommodations and travel arrangements that represent excellent value, keeping every holiday affordable. It also means carefully vetting every detail of each holiday the agency offers, ensuring that those who make use of it will always be confident of complete accessibility. Finally, it means that Fogerty relies on his own love of travel and experiences abroad to ensure that every holiday offered through the company will always be highly enjoyable.

Fogerty's full background and the fascinating history of Holidays for the Disabled can be found in the "Personal Stories" section of Disability Today, where other entrepreneurs and positive, high-achieving disabled people relate their own experiences. Those interested in the kinds of affordable, accessible, enjoyable disabled holidays cyprus and other popular destinations have to offer can learn more at the Holidays for the Disabled website.

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With an unbeatable selection of world-class destinations to choose from, Holidays for the Disabled helps disabled people and those with limited mobility enjoy affordable, enjoyable holidays with guaranteed accessibility.

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