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Cathay Express Transportation Provides Stress-Free Transportation Services for the Handicapped Community

Cathay Express Transportation, a fast and safe transportation company serving New York City and its surrounding areas, is pleased to offer the handicapped community with stress-free commutes wherever they need to go. All vehicles in the Cathay Express Transportation fleet come with hydraulic lifts and other essential medical equipment to ensure every passenger is well taken care of.

JFS Launches Case Management Services for Adults with Special Needs

LogoRuth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) recently launched Case Management Services for Adults with Special Needs.

Eagle House Group Offers Autism Training to Professionals with Multidisciplinary Approach

A family run, independent provider of autism schools in London and Surrey, Eagle House Group offers autism training to professionals with easy access to its specialist multidisciplinary approach. Through this training, professionals can develop a better understanding of autism and its impact on children and young people's learnings. They have categorised their training into two programmes – 'the little group' approach, and bespoke training packages which are tailor-made to suffice the varied needs of professional groups and schools. The training workshops they organise are undertaken by experienced and qualified specialists who go that extra mile to educate professionals with a diagnosis of autism, Asperger syndrome, and associated social and communication disorders.

Eagle House Group Offers Specialised Education to Learners Aged 4-19 Years with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Eagle House Group, one of the top autism schools in London, provides specialised education to children aged 4-19 years old with autism and Asperger syndrome. They have three learning centres, Primary School (4 to 11 years), Secondary School (11 to 16 years), and Sixth Form for 16 to 19 year old learners. The schools create a motivating, rewarding, and purposeful atmosphere to help learners realise their full potential despite the difficulties that they may face. They use positive reinforcement techniques to teach the children and young adults, ensuring that their individual requirements are met and their autism does not get in the way of their education. This autism school in London focuses on the holistic development of their learners, not just their curricular education. Individuals looking for one of the best special needs schools in Surrey can contact Eagle House Group to discuss their child's needs.

U.S. DISABLED VETERANS FOUNDATION (DVF) "Supporting Those Who Served" The Rehab and Refuge Campaign

A father tells the story of his daughter and wants the world to know what she and other soldiers went through and are going through

Eagle House Group in Mitcham Provides Solace to Children with Autism

The Eagle House Group, founded in 2004, is one of the leading autistic schools in Surrey, providing training for 4 to 11 year old children with autism at Eagle House School in Mitcham. A dedicated team of psychological specialists work together to aid learning for children within the autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome and associated social and communication difficulties.

The Mad Hatter's Ball - Monte Carlo Is Coming to Melbourne, Florida to Help Raise Money for Children with Autism

One of the most exciting nights is going to hit Melbourne on February 17th with a Scholarship fundraising event to support children diagnosed with Autism. Monte Carlo, the capital of the Casino world, is coming to Melbourne for the Mad Hatter's Ball where people attending can have all the fun of the casino to support children attending Puzzle Box Academy.

Disabled Vet Extreme Sports Introduces New Range of Products

Disabled Vet Extreme Sports has ensured that veterans don't have to struggle to find Climbing And Rappelling products, which can now be bought online.

Eagle House Group Offers Schooling for Autistic Children at Their Eagle House School

One of the most reputable autism schools in London, Eagle House Group provides the highest-quality education to autistic children and young adults at their school. Their team of specialist teachers offers a unique approach to working with pupils affected by autism and Asperger's. They operate as a community in which everyone works purposefully to provide a careful learning environment for their pupils. At Eagle House School, they follow a vision of all-round development for each student and work with every learner individually to provide a sense of achievement and raised self-esteem. They focus on developing a positive attitude to future life and learning among autism-affected children and young adults. Parents observing symptoms of autism or Asperger's syndrome in their children can enrol them at Eagle House School for teaching with the best possible tools and wisdom.

Bringing Up Beth: A Heart Wrenching Story of Bringing Up a Child with Down's Syndrome

LogoFrom the outside, it's hard to see what a family goes through when raising a child with a disability. In her heart wrenching graphic novel "Hole in the Heart", Henny Beaumont takes us on a journey of her surprise, despair, concern and humor as she learns to trust her own feelings and love her daughter with Down's Syndrome. This story doesn't shy away from the complicated emotions and situations of raising a child with Down's Syndrome, and this will be discussed in this riveting episode.

Eagle House Group Organises Free Yearly Introductory Workshops for Families

Eagle House Group, a specialist autistic school in London, organises a yearly-run free series of introductory workshops to support families of Early Years and primary school children who have been diagnosed with autism or Asperger's syndrome. These seven workshops are focused on educating parents about autism and helping them to develop the necessary skills to support their children in developing important life skills. The series of free workshops they organise include "Getting Attention to Learn Every Day Skills", "Beginning Communication and Making it Matter", "Making Sense of the World", "Setting the Boundaries", "Winning the Meal Time Battle", "Learning Through Play", and "Building Independence to Help Themselves". All of these workshops are organised on Wednesdays from 10am- 12pm at Eagle House School, Mitcham.

Filmmakers for Tomorrow Foundation Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Inspirational Film

The film, "I Am Me," shares the stories of four youths challenged with learning or physical disabilities. The project chronicles their personal journeys to overcome bullying, depression, and isolation. The overall goal of the film is to inspire others and let them know that they are not alone in their suffering. It also aims to raise awareness about the challenges that people with disabilities face on a daily basis.

Bridger Buller Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Cover the Start-Up Cost for Utter Nutrition

LogoBridger Buller has spent the last two years working on a great idea, inspired by the work that was initiated by his parents. As home health nurses, they often found it difficult to get their patients to eat. Increase in age results in the loss of taste buds that are instrumental in enjoying different types of food. Making things worse, these persons often suffer from a diminished sense of smell and an inability to swallow whole foods. Many of these patients finally fall prey to depression.

Disabled Mate Could Easily Become One of the Best USA Dating Sites for Singles with Disabilities

LogoDating VIP, a prominent global online dating company, has just released a matchmaking website tailored for single men and women with disabilities. This online platform fosters a friendly atmosphere that should enable its members to enter the world of disabled dating and make wise, well informed decisions when it comes to choosing a partner. This online service helps people get back into the dating game regardless of their current physical or mental condition. Its creators have designed a unique dating pool that embraces people as they are and brings out the best in them.

Fairfield County CT Financial Advisor Focuses on Helping Families with Special Needs

Patrick Doherty, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Danbury-based Reby Advisors has earned the designation of Chartered Special Needs Consultant™ from the American College of Special Services. With more than a decade of experience in financial services, Doherty has spent the past year earning this credential as he seeks to help more families in the Fairfield County and Westchester County areas navigate the complex financial planning issues that arise with a wide range of special needs.

Internet Sales Extraordinaire, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Special Needs and Care Giver Products

LogoMelva Strang-Foster is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of special needs and care giver products with a particular focus on products geared towards autism support. Strang-Foster was inspired by her own experiences as a caregiver, as her own mother has dementia and her granddaughter is a special needs child. After realizing how little time and energy people like herself who are caregivers have for finding the right products, Strang-Foster wanted to put together a one-stop shop to ensure others get the products and resources they need.

OctaFX Helps Disabled Sail in Bali

LogoOctaFX is proud to call themselves a socially responsible company that offers support to disabled people. One such foundation that they aid is the Bali Sports Foundation (BSF), that helps disabled sportsmen in Bali and East Indonesia partake in various sports. OctaFX supports 3 sports, on behalf of the BSF:

Special Families Have Special Needs Unveils New Collection

Special Families Have Special Needs, a dedicated online store has unveiled a vast range of products that can make things more comfortable for people with Special Needs.

Evergreen Life Services Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Serve Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

LogoEvergreen Life Services has been providing excellent services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since their inception in 1959. This non-profit is known for their efforts to improve the lives of people disabilities. Evergreen not only serves the basic needs of these individuals, but also teaches the life skills to help them achieve their own personal potential.

Para Polo, Water Polo for Paraplegics and Amputees Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Chase Dietrich, the founder of Para Polo Paraplegic Water Polo League recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to build support and raise funds for a nonprofit paraplegic water polo league that will help people like himself get out of their wheelchairs, enjoy the freedom of the water and get much-needed exercise combined with fun. The crowdfunding campaign was set up on the most popular platform for such campaigns: Generosity by Indiegogo, with a funding goal of at least $2,500, which was successfully achieved within the first 21 days of the campaign period.

Ogo Is a Hands-Free, Self-Balancing Wheelchair Providing a New Transportation for Those with Disabilities

LogoOgo, the world's first hands-free two-wheeled self-balancing transportation device, is now live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Bottaro Law Became a "Beacon of Light" for Special Needs Children Throughout the Providence, Rhode Island Region

LogoThe 40th Annual Meeting Street Telethon Fundraiser took place on January 30. This year's televised event was one of the most successful. Businesses throughout the region lent a helping hand to the success of this year's event, including an award-winning personal injury law firm, Bottaro Law. The event raised money for the Meeting Street schools which focus on providing local special needs children with an appropriate education in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Veteran Wins VA Disability Claim After 28 Years on Appeal

LogoAfter spending 28 years fighting in the appeals process, 83-year-old Ferdinand Hazewinkel of Lugoff, South Carolina was finally awarded disability benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on February 5.

New SmartCare Watch Revolutionizes the Way We Care for the Elderly

LogoMany of us have been tasked with providing care to an elderly parent or other family member while others are caregiving professionals. Either way, there is a constant challenge between balancing one's own quality of life delivering the quality of care expected of us with the added challenge of maintaining the dignity of the senior citizen cared for. For example, adult children of dementia patients are often faced with missing time at work, lost wages, missing time with their own children and a mountain of stress trying to keep tabs on their loved one.

My Disability Matters Launches with Nationwide Survey for Australian Disabled People

The Washington Post recently drew attention to the growing controversy in Australia over The Mighty, a website supposedly for and by people with a disability, openly mocking Autism with a post about 'meltdown bingo'. In response, those with disabilities as well as well as those who care for them are looking for a new way to be open and honest about their issues without being mocked. Dale Reardon, a blind Australian disability activist and entrepreneur, has launched the website My Disability Matters, with a comprehensive survey for potential users to have their say on the site's agenda, operating procedures and more.